Intuizioni economiche

Chi non è mosso da odio verso il mercato tende ad intuire cose sul mercato anche senza sapere nulla di economia. Qui vediamo un esempio di Eric Hoffer, dove manca la comprensione teorica del ruolo dei giochi a somma positiva e degli scambi mutuamente benefici nella società umana che troviamo in Mises, ma si giunge a conclusioni simili.

For over two weeks, until the money was gone, life seemed a fairytale. I suddenly realized how momentous an invention money was. It was an indispensable step in the advancement of humanity; in the emergence of freedom and equality. In a moneyless society there is no freedom of choice, since it is ruled by sheer power, and no equality, since brute force cannot be distributed. Money power can be cointrolled without coercion.

When you consider the role played by Jews, a weak minority, and by the merchant class while still under the heels of feudal lords in the development of banking, it will seem plausible that money was invented by the weak. The wielders of absolute power have always hated money. They expect people to be motivated by noble ideals and end up by using terror to keep things going. The moment money ceases to play a dominant role, there will be an end to automatic progress. The breakdown of civilization will be marked by a breakdown of currencies. Money and profit-making may seem trivial and mean. Buy everyday life is likely to be meager and difficult where people will act and strive only when animated by noble motives.
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